Maker Faire / Modding Masters 2017

July 23rd, 2017 | lomsor

Last year I took my Computer "The Pentagon" to the German Case Modding Championship in Cologne. See last blog entry. There a championship much closer to where I live. The Modding Masters. I didn't manage to…

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DCMM 2016

September 03rd, 2016 | lomsor

Previously. Painting and assembling a huge case: Painting and Assembling The Pentagon The project, The Pentagon, is done. Well technically it is, but I had one last to-do box on my list. I set myself to go to The…

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Painting and Assembling The Pentagon

June 25th, 2017 | lomsor

Previously. Designing a huge case: Designing The Pentagon Case So after the shape design came the surface design. For me the theme of the case was following: On the outside: Futurist, Space Probe, on the inside:…

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