At the end of 2015 I decided I wanted to build a new computer for myself.
I had a few ideas how this one should become better than the one I owned at the time. So I went and searched for components that would suit my needs. Quite soon though I realised that there really wasn't something on the market that completely fulfilled my wishes. All the available solutions didn't go far enough for me. That's why I decided to build myself what there wasn't.

I wanted a System where one wouldn't notice from the outside if it was on or off. Such inconspicuous should it be, completely passive, without a single fan or pump.

So I went ahead and contrived a cooling system that would achieve that. It isn't particularly unknown in all of engineering, but relatively alienated for a computercooling system. Quite soon the realisation appeared that such a cooling system would need an enormous radiator and would look quite funky bolted onto a retail case.

That's why I decided to also design and build a custom computercase.

During the project I stumbled upon the German Casemodding Championship (DCMM). I was in need for a deadline for the project, as a motivational help for completion. The DCMM could be that and much more for me.

In the end the project was a complete success. The system worked exactly like I imagined it would. While I didn't win any price at the DCMM, a lot of people where quite interested in the case and the cooling system.

In a few blog entries I go into detail about the planning and construction of this combiproject:

  1. Passive Phase Change Cooling
  2. Phase Change Practicalities
  3. Designing The Pentagon Case
  4. Painting and Assembling The Pentagon
  5. DCMM 2016