Currently working on a Technical Project with some other apprentices from all over the region. Initiated by Skills-Projects.

We just finished the Engineering Phase and commenced ordering parts and manufacturing them. Next monday I'll head over with some of the team to a sponsor and manufacture the coils for the project.

Inspiration for the project comes from this. The idea wasn't ours, it was put forward to Skills-Project and they offered it as something we could do:

Our goal is to create a device that can display Images, Animations and Games with an array of extendible pins.

Our team consists of 5 people. Until now I did the Engineering for the Drive Mechanisms (Coils, Permanent Magnets), Drive Electronics (Based on LED Driver STP04CM05B1R, Controlled by Arduino Mega 2560) and LED Lighting (Based on NeoPixels).

We won't do any of the motion tracking as we lack the competence. Also coils turned out to be great choice but won't ever reach the height of the Powered Faders the MIT used.
Due to this we decided against analogue control. But we will use NeoPixels to bring in some colour!

Not a lot to show as we only did Engineering, Planing and Prototyping. Will bring some updates later on when the thing actually stands. Felt like posting now as I really like doing projects and want to show that :P

Here's one of the first prototypes:

Here are most of my files. The rest is on dropbox but I don't know how the others feel about sharing it. So just my stuff on OneDrive:!AvIfPreUL_NsgV2l99Z_6Q_PAGQo

It's all in German. But I used loads of images so should be guessable what I did there. Interesting are the Concepts and the Coil research I did.