Painting and Assembling The Pentagon

25.06.2017 | lomsor

Previously. Designing a huge case: Designing The Pentagon Case So after the shape design came the surface design. For me the theme of the case was following: On the outside: Futurist, Space Probe, on the inside:…

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Designing The Pentagon Case

09.06.2017 | lomsor

Previously. Choosing a huge radiator: Phase Change Practicalities Having pretty much decided and engineered how the cooling will work I moved on towards designing a case that would appeal to me artistically and also…

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Phase Change Practicalities

02.02.2016 | lomsor

Previously. Explaining the pointy idea: Phase Change Cooling Now to turn theory into reality. First off. Choosing the "best" coolant. Looking around there were some choices. Most with various downsides: …

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