Previously. Painting and assembling a huge case: Painting and Assembling The Pentagon

The project, The Pentagon, is done. Well technically it is, but I had one last to-do box on my list.
I set myself to go to The German Casemodding Championship primarily to have a deadline but I really also wanted to see what fellow modders and general visitors had to say about my case.

So I loaded my case into my car (it barely fit), drove up to Kologne, picked up some friends at Mannheim while I was at it and put down my creation at the designated table.


It was great.
There was a great interest in my case from both visitor as well as other participants and a lot of compliments. The positive feedback was overwhelming. Definitely a great experience, even if the jury didn't award my creation.

Machine built or bought components are judged as neutral. My case definitely stood out and was unique in its way but the fact that I've built most of the case out of machine cut pieces probably made me not hit the 3rd place in the CaseCon category.




The DCMM was held at the GamesCom. So that was also a nice bonus, I had some time wandering the stalls of big and small game publishers and even had the privilege to enter the area before everyone else.

I visited GamesCom some years before and also took a stroll around the DCMM area back then. Being able to take more time and go into much more depth discussing how others did their mods and builds was quite something else. Their cases ranged from insanely complex to subtly elegant ... to both ... and none.


There was another CaseModder Championship closer to where I live called Modding Masters. It was two months prior to this tough and I wasn't able to finish the case by then. The organisator of said championship was also at DCCM tough and encouraged me to take part next year, even if with the same case. I might as well ...


More impressions from DCMM 2016.

This is the end of this blog series. I hope you had a great read. :) If you want any more details on the matter don't hesitate to hit me up with an email.